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The Recording Studio
A recording converts an amazing performance which is transient into that which is eternal. That is why we built a recording studio to capture the essence of creativity. A mission to provide great service to the music community with professionalism and respect, we aim to make the song creation process absolutely enjoyable from the start to the end.

Studio Crew
Armed with keen ears for music, a dedicated team of composers, arrangers and sound engineers will cater to your unique needs accordingly to different types of production and audio post services.


Vocals | Instrumental | Voice Overs | TV Broadcasting
Professional quality microphones, interfaces and recording software are used to capture an optimal representation of vocals and instruments

Song Arrangement | Orchestration | Commercial Jingles
Beyond just the melody and lyrics, transform your songs into fully arranged masterpieces by experienced composers and arrangers.

Mixing | Mastering | Album Production
Produce an outstanding mix that is appealing to listeners and apply dynamic enhancement to your music via the mastering process.

– Audio Post for TV Broadcasting
– Official Recording Partner for Dr Liang Wern Fook’s (梁文福) Instrumental Album “Oriental Moon”
– Fei Yue Community Services 20th Anniversary Theme Song
– Telok Kurau Primary School 85th Anniversary Album
– Millennia Institute Pre-U Seminar Theme Song 2012
– Local Rock Band Dreamfactory EP Album 2008



  • Recording Studio