Anaki Records

58 Temple Street Singapore 058603
  • Number of rooms 3 Room(s)
  • Price $12-20
  • Location Central | Chinatown
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Anaki Records
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STUDIO 1 $18/hr

Fully equipped with a Korg weighted 88-key digital piano, double-pedaled Pearl drum kit with Zildjian/Sabian/Istanbul Agop cymbals, Fender bass & Peavey guitar amps, Peavey PA system and instruments.


STUDIO 2 $18/hr

Exuding a more laid back vibe, Studio 2 comes fully equipped with a double-pedaled Tama 5-pc drum kit with Zildjian/Sabian/Istanbul Agop cymbals, Roland Juno-G, Fender bass & Peavey guitar amps, Mackie PA system and instruments.



Perfect your strokes individually on a 5-pc Mapex complete with Zildjian cymbals. Or work as pairs and exchanged licks, chops on beats on a double-pedaled 5-pc Tama kit and a 5-pc Mapex Kit.


DJ CONSOLE $18/hr • $45/3hrs

Drop beats on a pair of Pioneer CDJs and Pioneer DJM lined out to 10” speakers and secondary 6-channel mixer. Vinyl turntables and Rane SL2 are available upon request for 3-hr block bookings. Strictly up to 3 pax.


Live Room

Perfect for small showcases and gatherings, this fully equipped flexible space can be transformed accordingly to fit your setup.



Our arsenal includes Korg, Roland, Mackie, Ibanez, Fender, Peavey, Pearl, Tama, Mapex, Zildjian, Istanbul Agop, Alchemy, Gibraltar, Shure, AKG, Samson, LP, Yamaha, Boss, Zoom, Sennheiser, Gemini and Pioneer.



  • Jamming Studio